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Get sex for free by following 5 simple guidelines.

Sex doesn’t have to cost loads of money. In fact, some lucky old men get it for free. It doesn’t matter what you look like, how fat your wallet is, or how old you may be… whether you’re 18 or 88, you can be banging prime pussy all the time, just like Ed Powers or Dave Cummings do, if you patiently follow these proven strategies.

Note: The following information is being made available to readers as part of our Sex Strategies series of how to get sex for free

Free Sex begins with your attitude. First things first, you’re not paying for it any longer. Tell yourself that. “I’m not paying to have sex with women any longer” Now mean it. The biggest obstacle between you and getting laid for free is your own pessimistic theories. You were brought up to think girls don’t want to have sex as much as you do. You were brought up to think you had to be rich and popular to ever get laid but think again. Women are thinking the same thing. In fact, they’re limiting themselves from a lifetime of wonderful sexual experiences just by making those same mistakes… thinking “I’m not good enough” or “He’s not the right one” without just admitting that sex is fun and healthy and doesn’t cost a thing! No dinners or movies or fancy cars or clothes or houses required. Got it? Ok, let’s repeat it just to be sure…

Rule number 1:

Now that you’re not paying for sex you’re immediately saving a bundle of money you otherwise spent on your appearance – this includes everything from the car you drive to the clothes you wear and the place you live to the food you eat. EVERYTHING! Now take all that money saved and apply it to ONE thing of your choice that mutually benefits both parties. This is a real sex secret here that not a lot of people know about, yet alone care to admit. Think about it… having sexual intercourse is an intimate practice that nature propels and encourages using LOVE. If the money you DO spend benefits both you and your prospective partner, you’re strengthening those bonds without even realizing it. It works on a subconscious level – making both you and your to-be lover feel good about being a ‘unit’ because you have initiated a spending habit that defines it as so. Remember, we’re not looking to spend money, so limit your expense to just ONE THING. Here are some starter suggestions: a mutually accepted dessert, any travel related expense (such as gas or a boat ride) where both partners mutually benefit, or a mutual experience (such as theme park tickets or a movie). Obviously, the expense you choose must be something which brings and keep the two of you together. It doesn’t make sense staying at home and buying popcorn and a movie for only yourself and then calling someone on the phone now does it?

Rule number 2:

This brings us to another important step: expanding your horizons. You’re NOT going to get laid by sitting at home playing games or watching the tube, not even if you’re a Hollywood celebrity. The women have to find out you exist and know who you are before they’re going to come knocking, right? Of course. So get out there and do what you do. If you’re a videogame junkie, then go to a convention or gaming center. If you’re athletic, quit working out at home and go to the gym where you can see some smiling faces. This step is simple. GET OUT THERE! It doesn’t matter as much where you go but one thing is for sure, you’re not going to get laid by chicks for free occupying the space between the fridge and the sofa.

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Rule number 3:

Now that you’re going back out into the big wide world, you may be feeling inclined to change your appearance… and, thus, spend money and repeating the whole cycle. DON’T CHANGE! Be yourself. Countless people have gotten laid when they were least expecting it and when their appearance was at an all time low – even right after puking up all over the place. There are too many examples to list. Take our word, if you’re going to get laid it will happen and your appearance will have almost nothing to do with it. That’s why nature invented this little thing called ‘hormones’ which ensures that, even in the unlikeliest of circumstances, two people will still have the urge to have sex with each other. Hang out where you feel comfortable hanging out. Look the way you feel comfortable. You want to be as cool and collected as you can – if anything, because then you’ll attract more people that are compatible with you lifestyle.

Rule number 4:

This brings us to what is perhaps the most critical and easily neglected strategy for getting free sex today and it’s called the 50-50 rule. It’s easy and extremely effective but it does take a little practice if you unaccustomed to it. Never spend more on your partner (or future partner) than he or she does on you. This includes dating, presents, travel, and even your investment in time. By not ‘bending over backwards’ for someone, you’re showing that you have dignity. You’re proving that you’re more important than they are. You have integrity and aren’t desperate. Truth is, by spending less you’re actually increasing your odds of getting free sex dramatically. For you cheapskates out there, the same goes for strip joints… don’t offer to hold up dollars for the women and watch them give you boob jobs and couch offers for FREE! Don’t pretend to be putting yourself first – actually PUT YOURSELF FIRST or this will not work. You can’t allow a single reason to spend more than your partner to leak through. Never! Master this and you’ll hook up with the right person. In a short time you will both be happy and horny and having sex without spending money guaranteed!

Rule number 5:
THE 50-50 RULE

These secret strategies to having sex for free work in reverse. If you need a little ‘boost’ to your confidence or are having a bad week, simply drop or loosen up on one of the rules in reverse order – starting with Rule five. The second that things turn in your favor, resume all the guidelines again. This is ultimately required for continued success. Now go out there and start having great free sex and check back with the next time you want more sex strategies !

The above critical information is copyright and no portion of it can be legally duplicated (believe us, we do find out!)

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