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article # dec08 - used by permission

Female Confessions

Here you have it gentlemen. Proof.

(article excerpts reprinted with permission)

We conducted a recent internal experiment. What follows describes the evidence gathered.

To spice up their sex lives a little, we approached three of our new ladies and asked if they would give in to having armpit-sex for the first time. They gratefully complied and although we expected some good stories, the results were astounding! The experiences these ladies described really proved to everyone ( including our lucky armpit lovers ) that you can never underestimate the primal urges set forth by pure, hard sex with armpits !!
True confessions from three newbies:

Natalie – At first I was a little skeptical. I mean, this guys REALLY going to lick my naked armpits – how weird. Oh my God, let me tell you it was fucking amazing. He rubbed my clit and sucked my underarms for almost half an hour. Besides getting him off, this attention to my sensitive underarm areas made my pussy extremely wet. I came twice using my finger and then his!

Beck – I’m ticklish. Yeah, that’s me. Don’t do well with the foot fetish thing – no way. When he went for my pits I was like SLOW DOWN. So he did. It was incredible! He started by lapping my naked armpits with his tongue. Then proceeded to sniff and lick the curves of my underarms and my armpit stubble in a way that tickled but felt incredibly arousing. It apparently was too much for him as well because next thing I know, his erect penis was sliding up and down my stubbly armpit until he had to squirt. I sucked him off and came myself instantly. Now I know that forever, when I think of my man, I’ll be feeling it deep inside my pits where the tickle drives me crazy.

Megan – When I was approached by this I dove right in. It’s always been a fantasy of mine (ok, admitting something here!) to have a horny man bury his face deep in my unshaved underarms and lick my armpit hair until he came. Well, I got my wish – TWICE!! After the first guy went, I was so damn excited that I called in another guy… I think he may have even been a janitor or something… and asked him to fuck me like an animal while grabbing my bushy armpits and sucking my tits. He performed the sexual deed and it was totally phenomenal. Ok, it goes without saying that I will always make armpitsex a part of my daily routine. It’s that good. And what I still like most is the men who love to worship my nude armpits and get off on my hairy unshaved pubes. It makes me feel so much more like a woman!

Check them out! CLICK HERE for shaved OR CLICK HERE for hairy

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